Uffizi web gallery

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Uffizi web gallery

Uffizi is a simple web gallery for images, video or music that doesn't need any databases. NO MySQL or any other database needed!!!

Simply upload files on your server and all the job will do the index.php file.


It's simple and easy to configure and adapt to your site. It's under GPL.

You can see a demo here: http://www.maxvessi.net/uffizi/

You can download here: https://github.com/angerangel/uffizi/archive/master.zip

You can write an email to request a feature: angerangel@gmail.com




Uffizi web gallery is now on github, you can see changelog here: https://github.com/angerangel/uffizi/commits/master

New features

If you are not a programmer, but you need a new feature, just send a donation to angerangel@gmail.com by Paypal describing what you want.